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The Socio-Psychological Study of Santhal Tribes of West Bengal and the Effect of Smoking and Drinking on their Daily Living

Soumen Acharya

A survey of 100 households was conducted on Santhals of Ranibandh block of Bankura district of West Bengal, India. To gather information on the socioeconomic aspects, all the members of each household were interviewed. In addition, 100 randomly selected ever-married women were interviewed to collect information on their reproductive profile. Data were collected from 18 villages of Ranibandh block of Bankura district, West Bengal, using multistage random cluster sampling method. Household survey consist information about Primary occupation, Pattern of house, position of kitchen and sources of fuel. Subjects were interviewed to obtain information regarding their dietary intake, smoking and drinking habits and morbidity pattern. Interview technique was used to gather information from selected ever married women concerning their reproductive profile, consisting age at menarche, age at menopause (where applicable), age at first child, age at marriage, status of their children and number of total children. The drinking habits and smoking habits were seen in man and women. In statistical analysis, mean and standard deviation were estimated for age of drinking and smoking, age at menopause, age at first child and age at marriage using computerized statistical software, SPSS and MS Excel. Additionally, frequency distribution of primary occupation, various housing characteristics, dietary habits, smoking and drinking habits, morbidity pattern, age at first child, status of children and number of total children were calculated. The number of men and women who were having smoking and drinking problems were seen and the result will be presented at the time of conference.